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  • How much sugarpaste you need

    How much Sugarpaste do you need…


    Following on from the huge popularity of my last graphic which was a Cake Servings Guide, I have now made a handy guide showing you how much Sugarpaste / Fondant Icing you need to cover various cake sizes! This should help anyone planing to bake …

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  • Cake Servings Guide

    Cake Servings Guide


    Have you ever asked yourself, “How many slices will this cake make?” Well I made this handy info-graphic to show you exactly how many slices each size cake will give you, there are different sizes for Wedding Cakes and Party Cakes, labelled either size of …

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  • Blueberry Lemon Drizzle Cake

    Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle Cakes


    This fresh and fruity Blueberry Loaf Recipe is so tasty and light! A sweet sponge is topped with crunchy Lemon Glaze for a great texture. 100g Butter or Margarine 100g Caster Sugar 2 Medium Eggs 1 Tsp Vanilla Essence 100g Self Raising Flour 100g Fresh …

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  • Giant Oreo Donut Cake

    Giant Oreo Donut Cake


    Sometimes, mixing your favourite sweet treats and making it 25 times bigger than it should be is just a good idea. The Giant Oreo Donut Cake is one of those ideas. A chocolate sponge, filled with a cream cheese Oreo frosting, topped with Glace Icing …

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  • Watermelon Cake Pops

    Watermelon Cake Pops


    These “Watermelon” Cake Pops are very cute and a great surprise for kids to bite into! The Red Sponge and Chocolate Chips give the appearance of a Watermelon flesh and pips! A great treat for summer parties, you might have seen these make their first …

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  • Mojito Cupcakes

    Mojito Cupcakes


    Mojito Cupcakes! My favourite cocktail combined with a cupcake – heaven! I got the inspiration for these from Beverley at Something about Cupcakes. Beverley’s cupcakes are actually in a competition to win Cake of the Month over at Cake of the Day so make sure …

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  • Pink Green Yellow Party

    Pink, Green & Yellow Party + Free Printables


    Some of you might have seen the sneaky pictures I shared on my Facebook Page of my Birthday Treats this year, but here are all the details, including the Free Printables and Labels! I decided on a Green, Pink and Yellow Colour Scheme, as it’s …

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  • Giant Donut Cake Recipe

    Giant Donut Cake Recipe


    This is one of the best looking cakes I have ever made! Instant wow factor, ridiculously easy to make, tastes amazing! I knew as soon as I saw the Giant Donut Mould that I had to try it, they are available in my shop for …

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  • Iced Jems Shop

    Iced Jems Shop Launch


    I am so excited to announce of launch of my new online shop! 🙂 Iced Jems Shop will be a mother daughter team of myself – Jemma, and my mother – Sue who will be doing our best to find beautiful and useful Baking …

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  • Lime Swirl Cheesecake Bars

    Lime Swirl Cheesecake Bars


    Well this is the first of the recipes I’ll be sharing from my party last weekend! I had a pink, yellow and green theme so I saw these Key Lime Cheesecake Bars on Pinterest previously and though they would be perfect. However, with everything else …

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