Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2014’

  • Pretzel Twix

    Cinnamon Pretzel Twixes


    When life hands you a Twix bar, wrap it in pretzel dough and then roll it in Cinnamon – that’s my motto anyway! These are crazy good. From the soft pretzel dough covered in delicious cinnamon sugar, to the gooey and crunchy Twix centre if …

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  • Baking Cups with lids

    Baking Cups with Lids


    I’m so excited to bring to you Baking Cups with lids!!! The perfect little clip on lids for your cupcakes, great for stalls, favours, gifts and more and so much cheaper than individual cupcake boxes and pods. I designed these lids to fit Iced Jems …

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  • Black Forest Puddings

    Black Forest Puddings


      These cute little Black Forest Puddings are perfect to bring out at dinner parties or as an alternative to cupcakes. 50g Cocoa Powder 120ml Boiling Water 100g Caster Sugar 3 Eggs 150ml Olive Oil 100g Icing Sugar Cherry Flavouring 150g Self Raising Flour Pudding Mould (£3.99 …

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