These yummy banoffee tarts only take about 20 minutes to whip up – great for impressing friends at the last minute!

You will need:

100g Melted Butter

400g Shortbread Biscuits

1 Can of Carnation Caramel

2 Sliced Bananas

1 Carton of Whipping Cream

Small Bar of Chocolate

Pop the shortbread into a bowl and crush into crumbs (I used the end of a rolling pin).

Then melt the butter and mix it into the shortbread crumbs.

Press the shortbread mix into a mini cake pan, use the back of a spoon to press the mixture down. Then pop into the oven for just 5 minutes. Once out of the oven, allow to cool then get the tart bases out by running a knife round around them – they should pop out.

Open your tin of Caramel and add about a teaspoon to the top of each tart.

Now add a banana slice to the top of each tart – press these in firmly or they may slip off!

Whip your cream using a mixer – until it is firm and can be piped into shape. Then load into a piping bag, I used a star nozzle.

Pipe a little cream onto each tart, then top off by grating chocolate over them! So simple, but they look and taste great!

If you’re not serving them straight away, pop them in the fridge so the caramel and cream hold their shape.


Jem x

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