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  • How much sugarpaste you need

    How much Sugarpaste do you need…


    Following on from the huge popularity of my last graphic which was a Cake Servings Guide, I have now made a handy guide showing you how much Sugarpaste / Fondant Icing you need to cover various cake sizes! This should help anyone planing to bake …

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  • Cake Servings Guide

    Cake Servings Guide


    Have you ever asked yourself, “How many slices will this cake make?” Well I made this handy info-graphic to show you exactly how many slices each size cake will give you, there are different sizes for Wedding Cakes and Party Cakes, labelled either size of …

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  • Replacing Eggs in Baking

    Replacing Eggs in Baking


    I recently found myself short of eggs before needing to bake – my minor panic subsided after researching a few Egg substitutions so I thought I would share the best ones with you! The Substitutions will work for Cakes, Cookies and Brownies! Simply replace each …

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