This year I went all out on a dessert table for the family gathering on boxing day and I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

I decorated the front of the dessert table with this cute homemade garland – just a few pairs of Christmas socks stuffed with sweets and candy canes!

The cupcakes went down a storm; fudge covered “turkey” cupcakes, chocolate pretzel reindeer and I even managed to sneak on some marshmallow snowmen!

I wanted to use these sweet jars but wasn’t sure how to fill them. Fortunately I had leftover marshmallows and fudge which I coated in Wilton Candy melts for a more festive feel!

I love these mini sherry glasses, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt its that everything looks better when its mini! I just filled these with a little jelly, then made a marshmallow kebab using a cocktail stick!

More pudding shots! This time I crumbled leftover brownie into the bottom and topped with chocolate whip!

I almost forgot to show you why I had leftover brownie bits…these are my mini Xmas pudding brownie bites! (And yes in case you’re wondering, I gave up making holly leaves for every single one! Remind me to buy a mini holly leaf cutter next year!)

Brownie Pops!! I’m such a fan of Bakerella and her invention of the Cake Pop but mine always taste so sickly! These however, were quite possibly the best thing I have ever tasted (if I do say so myself).

Melted snowman cookies!

More Christmas Cookies! Snowflakes, Mittens and Baubles!

I just love these mini candy canes! My mom picked them up for me and gave them to me on Christmas Day and I had to include them in the dessert table somehow!

My Mini Christmas Bauble Cupcakes, oh how I love edible glitter!

Macaroons, my second ever attempt at these (and the first went horribly wrong). Admittedly I had hoped to make them red but I was just happy they turned out and tasted so yummy and chewy!

The table from afar…how I baked it all on my own I will never know, but I’m glad I did!

I would love any thoughts and comments you have so please feel free to leave a message below!

Jem x

3 thoughts on “An Iced Jems Christmas

  1. Camille S. says:

    I love the whole table, but the melted snowmen- I adore! They are, by far, the cutest snowmen cookies I have ever seen.

  2. Shirl L says:

    Hi novice baker but love your page and pictures. Very inspirational. Can you make some of these items in advance or spend the whole day baking? I love the idea of sweets table. We’re having a big BBQ in july and with all the other food to prepar, sweets are normally the last thing I have time for

  3. IcedJems says:

    Hi Shirl, thanks for your comment! Some items you should certainly make in advance otherwise you won’t get anything done! You can actually bake Cakes and Cupcakes and freeze them in advance, then just decorate them on the day which helps. Most thing are fine to make the day before, but I’d recommend leaving things with fresh cream and cookies to do on the day! Hope this helps! Jem x

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