Ok, this is the last batch of Free Valentines Printables for your party, there’s now three to choose from!

These are great as Cupcake toppers or as labels for your cake pops!

A cute box for you, I use these at my parties so everyone can fill it up with treats to take home – but you could use it for gifts too.

Well, you want your cupcakes to match everything else don’t you?

Any they will look even cuter sitting on this stand I designed! (For best results use thick card).

These are great for almost anything, use them to label jars, tie round gifts, favour bags, cake pops, the list goes on!

So all the links are below, just click on them to go to the PDF’s. Send me your pictures once you’ve used them to jemma@icedjems.com, I’d love to see!

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake Stand

Favour Box

Food Flags


Food Tents

Valentines Banner 1

Valentines Banner 2


Jem x

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