Cookie Monster Cupcakes (with Video!)


Here it is, so many of you have requested this one! Follow this simple video and picture tutorial to make these eye-catching cupcakes!

Be sure to watch right until the end for the bloopers!

Ok, heres the picture tutorial. You will need…


Cupcakes, buttercream, desiccated coconut, cookies, blue food colouring, white chocolate buttons and black fondant icing.

Colour your butter icing blue and dip in your cupcake.

Make sure its completely coated!

Now colour the coconut as shown in the video above and dip the cake into the coconut to coat it.

Once dipped, the cupcake should look like this.

Now for the eyes, break off a small piece of your fondant and roll into a ball.

Press the fondant ball onto a white chocolate button and flatten.

Here’s a finished pair of eyes.

Now to make the mouth, make a cut about halfway into the cupcake.

Make a second cut above the first at a slight angle, then remove the slice of cake.

To insert your cookie, first cut a flat edge.

Then simply insert the cookie into the mouth you created.

Nearly finished now! To add the eyes, dip them in a little buttercream…

Then pop on top of the cupake!


Hope you enjoyed this video and picture tutorial! Are there any more tutorials you would like to see? Make sure you let me know below!

Jem x

Cookie Monster Cupcake Recipe

  1. nicki

    This is amazing Jem!!! well done!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. june bidmead
    june bidmead02-17-2011

    well done jemma

  3. Heather

    Hiya Jemma, these cupcakes look fantastic and I can’t wait and make them myself. I do have one question though, can I used liquid food colouring instead of the paste? I am having trouble finding the paste you see

  4. Dorothea

    How can I make this butter icing? It’s an very exciting idea 🙂
    best wishes from Germany 😉

  5. IcedJems

    Hi Dorothea, thanks for your comment, butter icing is made using butter and icing sugar and a small amount of Vanilla Flavouring x

  6. Leanna

    Hey Jemma how many cups of powdered sugar? And how many stcks of butter and vanilla flavoring? Ps. Make more YouTube videos! Greetings from America!! PPs you are so pretty

  7. IcedJems

    Hi Leanna, thank-you for your lovely comments! 🙂 Typically when making buttercream I use 2 measures of icing sugar to 1 measure of butter, and I just add 1/2tsp’s of Vanilla until it tastes good! (I’ve never really worked in cups and sticks so wouldn’t want to give you precise measurements that were incorrect). I hope your cupcakes go well, I’d love for you to post a picture of the finished product on my facebook page; x

  8. Kathleen

    I’m going to do that soon! For my little brother’s birthday! He is going to love it!! 😀 Thanks for putting up the video!

  9. Sofhan

    Thank you for the tutorial!!Everyone loves it!My friend even ordered it from me!:)
    I don’t have the black thing you used for the eyes so i made dark brown dough instead.
    Here are my own cookie monster cupcakes! :

    Thanks again!:)

  10. Kristi @ My San Francisco Kitchen
    Kristi @ My San Francisco Kitchen09-14-2012

    These are adorable!

  11. mirre

    super! xx

  12. julie

    fab……love them. fab for little kids “of all ages”

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