So buttercream can be such a fun medium to work with! I personally prefer using it to sugar paste / fondant, because it tastes better and is much more flexible.

The video above shows the recipe I use to make buttercream when piping cupcakes, flowers and details. I used half Unsalted Butter and half Stork with Butter because the weather here is so cold most of the time, that it made it a little softer and easier to work with. However, in warmer temperatures you can just stick to unsalted butter.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to add milk to your buttercream! It makes it sloppy and means your piped creations may collapse and lose shape. Instead experiment with temperature to make you buttercream softer or firmer.

Tip: When piping on cakes or cupcakes, make sure you spread a layer of buttercream over your cake first, giving your pipings something to stick to.

Tip: Don’t over beat your buttercream! The more air bubbles you have, the less smooth your piped creations will be. Mix until your ingredients are well combined, but no more than that.

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