I recently made this pretty Tiffany Blue Jewellery Box Cake and thought I’d show you step by step how I made it! There’s a video below showing how I did everything, and a list of tools and equipment I used here:

A few tips!

Using the Iced Jems Fondant Rolling Mats makes rolling out icing so much easier!

Use Florist Paste over Fondant or Modelling Paste to make your Pearls and Ruffles, this way they won’t break.

Use a Little Cake Release Spray in your Sugarcraft Moulds before using and your icing will fall right out. no need to faff with cornflour and popping in the freezer etc.

You may notice my last minute addition of Cake Lace! I realised the cake would really look perfect with a bit added, but I had already added the pearls and ruffles so had to work around them. If you make this at home, add the cake lace first, then the pearls and ruffles! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful!

Jem x

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