Marvel Themed Mini Cakes


I thought I would share a bit of “End of the Week” Eye Candy for you!

I made these yesterday for a kid at heart in the themes of four of his favourite Marvel Characters!

So theres Batman…

…Captain America…

…The Hulk! And guess what, his hand is made from Green Modelling Chocolate – not icing!

And finally a Spiderman Mini Cake!

Hope you enjoyed a good stare! 🙂

Jem x

  1. Chris w
    Chris w03-18-2011

    Love it love it love it!!!!

  2. Lydia Glick
    Lydia Glick03-18-2011

    how on earth do you do green modelling chocolate?!

  3. IcedJems

    Hi Lydia – just melt Green Candy Melts then mix in Golden Syrup and allow to set! 🙂 You will need about 2 Parts candy melts to 1 part syrup!

  4. Lydia Glick
    Lydia Glick03-18-2011

    what are green candy melts?

  5. abbie sherratt
    abbie sherratt06-24-2012

    hi how much are these little cakes ???

  6. IcedJems

    Hi Abbie, I don’t actually sell my cakes – I just run this blog to teach others how to make cakes! x

  7. Tia

    Hi, I would like to know for the Hulk’s fist, after you make the chocolate and the corn syrup set, how did you mold it into a fist?

  8. IcedJems

    Hi Tia, I made the fist after the Chocolate and Corn Syrup had set. Once you start moulding it, it softens and becomes easy to shape, I actually made a normal flat hand then bent the fingers over into a fist. I hope this helps, Jem x

  9. Linda billingsley
    Linda billingsley02-06-2014

    How do you actually make the fist. Do you start with a ball of modeling chocolate, and roll out what then, thank you.

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