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I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Star Wars Party Post I uploaded a few weeks back!

Today I thought I’d share how I made a few of the more unique treats! I tried to keep everything simple yet effective, so I hope you find these easy to replicate! 🙂

Star wars Cookies Cutters

Wookie Cookies, Marshmallow Stormtroopers and Lightsaber Pretzels!

Let’s start with the Wookie Cookies…

I used a firm chocolate chip cookie mix, I won’t be uploading the full recipe this time as I’m sure everyone has their own favourite recipe! Then I simply rolled out oval shapes.

Once in the oven I worked on the topping, the cookies are coated in chocolate and coloured coconut. To colour the coconut brown, I mixed cocoa powder and water to make a paste.

Then pop your coconut in a food bag, pour in the paste and shake until you get your desired colour! Transfer the coconut to a plate and melt some chocolate transferring that to a second plate.

Then it’s as simple as this: dip a cookie into the chocolate, then dip it into the coconut. You should end up with this cute fur effect!

The last bit of detail is so simple, I just melted white and dark chocolate in food bags, and piped on eyes, teeth and a belt!

Ok, onto the Lightsaber Pretzels!

I know these have been done before so I am not taking creative credit! But pretzel rods aren’t easy to get in the UK so I found a way round and used these yummy Mikado / Pocky sticks!

I grouped four together and secured with tin foil at the bottom.

Once the sticks are grouped then need to be dipped in candy melts (coloured chocolate) and coloured decorating sugar. The last picture shows how I used a mug deep enough to dip the sticks entirely when melting the candy melts!

TIP: I popped my sticks in the fridge before dipping, which helps them set quickly!

Ok so melt and dip! Once you have dipped the lightsabers, roll in the decorating sugar!

I finished them off my piping a little dot onto the tinfoil to look like a button! You can repeat this with various colours too as I did!

These were the best tasting treats at the party, but they come with a warning – your mouth may turn the colour of the lightsaber – oops hehe.

Finally, keeping it short and simple, the Stormtrooper Marshmallow Pops!

This was an unexpected treat at the party, I saw the marshmallows staring at my the night before and realised they were the same shape as a Stormtrooper Helmet and I just couldn’t resist!

So a few marshmallows, an edible ink pen and some mini lollipop sticks later – look what I had!

Enjoy getting creative at your party!

Jem x

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6 thoughts on “Star Wars Sweets

  1. janet says:

    these are so good what great ideas u have love your site i made the red velvet cake an it was so amazing. could you please send me the cookie recipe am going to try these some time soon thanks once again

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