Jubilee Baking Ideas


So I’ve rounded up the fabulous Jubilee Baking ideas I’ve been seeing from around the web so you can try them out and maybe even bake them for a Street Party on the Bank Holiday Weekend!

1. Jubilee Cupcakes: I Love these simple yet effective Cupcakes from Victorious Cupcakes on Good To Know Recipes! I’ve long been a fan of Victorious Cupcakes on Facebook, make sure you are too to keep up with the latest ideas!

2. Jubilee Crown Cookies: These Cookies have such great detail! The Recipe itself doesn’t really give a lot of detail on how to do the icing, but I’d recommend getting a Crown Cookie Cutter and cutting the icing with this!

3. Jubilee Victoria Sponge Cake: An english classic with a twist, loving the use of summer fruits to give this cake a Jubilee theme!

4. Union Jack Jubilee Cake: Next up is this Union Jack Tray Bake from Baking Mad! Another great use of summer fruits, who needs tasteless fondant icing?!

5. Jubilee Crown Cupcakes: I love these Chocolate Crown Cupcakes! Theres even a full Youtube Video on how to make them!

6. Jubilee Stamp Cupcakes: I saved the best until last! What an amazing yet simple idea, I think these are my favourite as they are so original!

I hope you found lots of baking inspiration on this post! If you have your own great ideas, why not post them to my Facebook Wall?

Happy Baking!

Jem x

  1. Emma Saville
    Emma Saville05-28-2012

    Thankyou so much for the wonderful ideas! Can’t wait to try the postage stamp for this weekend! Emma

  2. Jules

    Thank you so much for featuring my stamp cakes. I’m glad you like them.

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