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Nutella Chocolates

I seriously enjoyed making (and eating) these Nutella Chocolates! The gooey filling is perfect and almost Caramel like, but you could of course just use plain Nutella to fill them rather than making the ganache!

I got this awesome Wilton Candy Mould a while back, so this was the perfect excuse to test it out!

To make the Chocolates, you will need:

  • 175g White Chocolate
  • 25g Unsalted Butter
  • 200ml Double Cream
  • 75g Nutella
  • 200g White Chocolate
  • 100g Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate Ganache
Start by boiling a saucepan of water, then place a glass bowl over it and melt together the Double Cream, 175g of White Chocolate and the Unsalted Butter.
White Chocolate Cream
Stir gently over a medium heat until you have a thick, cream coloured mixture.
Nutella Ganache
Remove from the heat and stir in your Nutella, it should melt into the mixture until you have a light brown runny consistency as shown in the picture above.
Nutella Chocolate Filling
Pour your Nutella Chocolate Filling into a bowl to cool down, I actually put mine in the freezer for a few hours – don’t worry, it still stays nice and gooey!
Wilton Gift Shape Candy Mould
While the filling is cooling, you can start on the Chocolate encasing. Grab your gift shaped mould (or any other mould you want to use) and decide the pattern you want to make your chocolates in. I decided to make the bows in dark chocolate and the rest in white chocolate (with a few all dark chocolate ones).

Painted Chocolate

I used a paintbrush to paint the chocolate into the box details of the moulds. Melt your dark chocolate first (or the colour you are using for the bows).

Chocolate Mould

Get small amounts on your paintbrush and push it into the details of the mould, if you go over the edges you can always wipe it off before it sets. Leave this to set before adding your next layer.

Nutella Chocolate Casing

Once the dark chocolate detail has set, melt your white chocolate and create the next layer. You can do this by dropping a small teaspoon of chocolate into the mould, then using a paintbrush to smooth it up the edges. You want to make sure the layer isn’t too thin, you don’t want the filling to crack through. Let the chocolate set fully.

Nutella Ganache Chocolate

Once you are sure the chocolate is firm and set, you can take a teaspoon of your Nutella filling and place it into each chocolate case. The filling should still be quite soft so if should fill the chocolate without leaving gaps at the edges (if it doesn’t, just use the spoon to spread it around).

White Chocolate Nutella Truffle

Finish the chocolates off by covering them in a final layer of melted chocolate. You want this to touch the edges of previous chocolate layer, so make sure your filling isn’t too near the top.

Nutella Chocolates

Now leave the chocolates to set fully (finish them off in the fridge if you have to) then pop them out of the moulds. This was fairly easy using my mould, if you have trouble try dipping the plastic edge of the mould in warm water for a few seconds to loosen them.

Nutella Truffles

There you have it! Yummy chocolates filling with Nutella Ganache. Impress you friends with these, they will definitely have trouble believing you made them yourself – they look pretty professional!

Jem x

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3 thoughts on “Nutella Chocolates

  1. Anita says:

    These look so yummy, I might try them with just Nutella too. Can I as how long they keep for and how do you store them Please????

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