How much Sugarpaste do you need…


Following on from the huge popularity of my last graphic which was a Cake Servings Guide, I have now made a handy guide showing you how much Sugarpaste / Fondant Icing you need to cover various cake sizes!

This should help anyone planing to bake a cake who doesn’t know how much Icing to get in, over even someone who needs to price up a cake for a quote!

How much sugarpaste you need

  1. Dominic Francis
    Dominic Francis08-27-2012

    Would you say these amounts would also apply when using marzipan? Loved your cake portions guide too. All is very useful information so thanks for sharing.

  2. IcedJems

    Hi Dominic, thanks for your comment! 🙂 I think marzipan quantities are different and probably use a different thickness, but I don’t use it personally so I wouldn’t know exact amounts! Sorry x

  3. reena

    Thank you for sharing your tips about the fondant. Love your website.

  4. Tonya

    Hi there , are these based on 3 layer cakes ?

  5. Marilyn

    What is the amount in pounds, please.

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