Mini Hearts Cake


Mini Hearts Cake

I made this gorgeous Mini Hearts Cake over the weekend, as a result of experimenting with my Mini Heart Plunger Cutters.

This cake is very simple to make and takes very little time at all, a tutorial and instructions are below for you!

You will need:

  • 8 Inch Cake, iced with Buttercream / Frosting
  • 10 Inch Cake, iced with Buttercream / Frosting
  • 2kg White Fondant / Sugarpaste / Ready to Roll Icing
  • 200g Red Fondant / Sugarpaste / Ready to Roll Icing
  • 200g Pink Fondant / Sugarpaste / Ready to Roll Icing
  • 3 Heart Plunger Cutters (available from my shop for £2.75)
  • 1 Pack of Silver Florist Wires
  • Micro Plastic Posey Picks / Flower Spikes (For pushing the florist wire into)

Icing an 8 inch round cake

To start, you first need to cover your cakes in White Fondant (this is called various things in different countries; Sugarpaste, Ready to roll icing etc, but for the rest of this tutorial I will refer to it as fondant).

Roll the white fondant out to about 1cm thickness and place over your cake, smoothing over the side and trimming off any excess.

Plain Iced Cake

Use a Cake Smoother to give you cakes a clean finish, then stack the 8 inch cake on top of the 10 inch cake, pushing down to secure. Some people may find cake dowels are useful here to support the cake, this really depends on the weight of your cake – mine was very light so none were needed.

Heart Plunger Cutters

Now you need your Mini Heart Plungers (the fun bit)! Roll out your Red Icing to about 5mm thickness and cut out Red Hearts using the plungers, try and do even amounts of small, medium and large hearts for this cake.

Pink Fondant Hearts

Do the same for your Pink Icing, cutting out small, medium and large hearts.

Heart Cake

If your hearts are still soft and not started to dry, you should be able to press them straight onto the cake. If they have started to dry, you can use a tiny drop of water to secure them to the sides.

Mini Fondant Heart Cake

I pressed my hearts on in no exact order, just making sure there was approximately 4 hearts from top to bottom, in lines of colour. So for example, a line of 4 red hearts followed by a line of 4 pink hearts.

Red and Pink Hearts Cake

You will see the cake starts to look pretty instantly, I arranged the hearts at different angles so they look more randomly scattered. Finish pressing the hearts onto the cake until you go the whole way around.

Florist Wire

Now to finish off the cake with a few hearts on top! I cut my florists wire into various sizes for different heights of hearts.

Wire Fondant Heart

Push the fondant hearts gently onto the wire, until about halfway through the heart, then leave to dry.

As most of you will know, it is not recommended to push florists wire directly into cakes. Some florists wires have amounts of lead in them that may be harmful if ingested. Therefore, you can use posey picks / flower spikes in your cake. Simply push them into the cake, cover over with icing, then push the wire into the posey picks / flower spikes so that the wire does not touch the cake itself.

Hearts Explosion Cake

Once dry and hard, push the wire hearts into the posey picks / flower spikes in your cake (see note above). If you do not have flower spikes or posey picks, I have seen some people dip the wires into chocolate / candy melts to cover them, but I have not tried this method so I am unsure how effective this is.

Mini Fondant Hearts

And your super easy Heart Cake is finished! Amazing how much fun you can have with a few cutters!

Mini Heart Plunger Cutters Set

If you need to get the Heart Plunger Cutters, the set of 3 is just £2.75 from my shop! Click here to get them.

Happy Baking,

Jem x


  1. Siobhan

    Oh WOW – this looks fabUlous & seems quite straightforward to do!

  2. Confection Perfection
    Confection Perfection01-09-2013

    Very cute!! xo

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