Wafer Paper Flowers are a delicious and simple alternative to traditional sugar flowers. I’ve made a little video tutorial for you, showing how to make a small range of wafer flowers!

The video shows how to make a wafer rose, a wafer ranunculus using a kit, and a wired wafer flower. I really hope you find this useful and it inspires you to experiment yourself at home.

A few tips for using wafer paper:

  • Water dissolves wafer paper, so avoid if possible, or use extremely sparingly
  • Piping Gel is a great product for making wafer paper soft and pliable without dissolving it

Enjoy the video! All the goodies are available to buy on my online website (and in my West Midlands store) here: https://www.icedjemsshop.com/product-tag/wafer-paper-flowers/

Jem x

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