These cute Heart Shaped Chocolate Covered Oreos are super simple to make, have a great shelf life and are a perfect treat to make and sell for Valentines Day! Using our Hearts Mould, Hearts Stencil and Ruby Dust, for all the products used in the video tutorial click here:

For 6 chocolate covered oreos I used approx 300g of Candy Melts or Chocolate. I love using the PME chocolate melting pots to melt my chocolate or candy melts, as it ensures it doesn’t burn and I don’t have to keep running it back to the microwave when it sets. I always add 1tbsp or 2 to my chocolate / candy melts to thin it out and make sure it fills the mould evenly without air bubbles – this doesn’t impact the taste or final product at all.

Candy Melts have a vanilla flavour more than a pure chocolate flavour, so I like to add an oil based flavour to them to mix them up, Caramel is my fave!

When dusting chocolate with the edible lustre dust, just use the dust dry, no need to make it into a paint. For stencilling, use a dry dust too, make sure you use the dust sparingly so it doesn’t go under the stencil and make sure there is no excess dust on the stencil before you peel it away.


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