Simple Halloween Sweets


Simple Halloween Sweets

I’ve been pinning great Halloween ideas all year over on Pinterest, so I thought I would roundup my favourite ones – that happen to be the most simple!


I spotted these awesome Monster Marshmallows over at a Monster Party on Catch My Party! Wonderfully simple – just stick a lollipop stick into a marshmallow then dip in candy melts / coloured chocolate and add details. See the full party here.

Here’s a great idea that’s cheap and cheerful! Jazz up a simple lollipop to look like a Spider simply using pipe cleaners! The full instructions are here.

3These Shattered Glass Cupcakes look more complicated than they are! All you need to do is break up some hard boiled sweets to make them look like glass shards! Full Recipe here.
4Who knew you could make something so fun from Vanilla Whip, Green Food Colouring and Oreo Crumbs! These Monster Pudding Cups are such a good idea! Get the recipe here.

5If Pumpkin Carving isn’t your thing or you don’t have the time, then this is the option for you! Simply use a marker to draw pumpkin faces on oranges! I saw this idea here.
6Chocolate Bar Bats! Simply use black cardboard to disguise any chocolate bar this Halloween! I saw this idea here where you can download the template!

7How about a slightly healthier idea! These Ghost Bananas are very cute and all you need to do is pop half a banana on a lollipop stick, dip in white chocolate and add chocolate chips for eyes!
8Earwax on a stick! Ok so this is a little bit gross, but also awesome and very funny! Two mini marshmallows on either end of a lollipop stick are dipped into chocolate and you have your gross looking treat! Idea found here.

9 Last but not least is this tutorial of mine from last year! Simply bake Brownies, top with a marshmallow, then cover with candy melts! The full recipe and tutorial is here.

Enjoy baking your Halloween Treats!

Jem x

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