Press and Media

Cupcake Heaven Magazine

Cupcake Heaven Magazine Autumn / Winter 2012

A selection of recipes from Iced Jems were featured in this issue, including Kinder Bueno Cupcakes, Bonfire Cupcakes and Banoffee Cupcakes.

Catch my party

Catch My Party January 2011

Catch my Party featured a set of Valentines Party Printables designed by Iced Jems.

Groupon Blog

Groupon UK Blog March 2011

Groupon UK have featured over 30 recipes from Iced Jems in their UK Blog.

And Everything Sweet

And Everything Sweet Blog March 2011

And Everything Sweet hosted a Baby Shower for Paula Deen’s Daughter-in-law and used Iced Jems Jungle Party Printables.

Sew White

Blog July 2012

Featured the Buttons Cake created by Iced Jems using the Buttons Mould available on Iced Jems Shop.

Tip Junkie

Tip Junkie Website January 2011

Tip Junkie have featured the Iced Jems Baby Shower Printables and they are one of the Top Downloaded Party Printables on the site.

Home Confetti

Home Confetti Blog January 2011

Home Confetti featured the ever popular Marble Chocolate Cake on their blog along with mentioning several other Iced Jems recipes.

Recipe Girl

Recipe Girl February 2011

Recipe Girl featured the No -Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe on her Valentines Recipe Roundup.

Totally Love it

Totally Love it August 2012

Totally Love it featured the Giant Donut Cake Recipe on it’s blog.

Little Things Creations

Little Things Creations February 2011

Little Things Creations featured the Valentines Rose Cake Pop Recipe on their Blog.

Catch my party

Catch My Party February 2012

Catch My Party featured the Rose Cake Pop Tutorial on their blog.

Everyday Posh

Everyday Posh February 2012

Everyday Posh featured the Rose Cake Pop Tutorial on their blog in their Valentines Roundup.

CakesDecor October 2012

My Chocolate Marble Cake made it to the Daily Top 3 on!