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  • how to make domed cupcakes

    How to make Domed Cupcakes


    I’ve always wanted to be able to make perfectly domed cupcakes! It tends to be pretty hit and miss when I bake them, even if my recipe stays the same, sometimes they will domed, sometimes they will rise too high and look like mini volcanos …

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  • BakingCupsSquareSmall1

    Can I bake in Baking Cups?


    This might seem a silly question when you read it out, as they are called ‘Baking’ Cups after all! But I get so many questions about the Baking Cups I thought I would answer them in one handy post for you 🙂 1. Can I …

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  • Granola Breakfast Muffins

    Granola Breakfast Muffins


    We all know breakfast is important, but I’ll be the first one to admit I’ll often savour an extra few minutes in bed over sitting down and having breakfast! These granola breakfast muffins however are perfect for grabbing whilst you run out the door. Fruity …

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  • Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes

    Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes


    These Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes are absolutely divine and there is no way you could even tell they are Dairy Free when you taste them! 1 Pack Pink Stripe Baking Cups from 50g Cocoa Powder 120ml Boiling Water 200g Caster Sugar 3 Eggs 150ml …

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  • Apple Crumble Cupcakes

    Apple Crumble Cupcakes


    A fantastic recipe for Autumn (which seems to have crept up on us), these apple crumble cupcakes are a great no fuss recipe. 2 Apples (peeled, cored and chopped into cubes) 55g Light Brown sugar Pinch of Cinnamon 175g Butter (or Margarine) 175g Caster Sugar 2 Eggs …

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  • Christmas Teddy Bear Cupcake

    Christmas Teddy Bear Cupcakes


    These cute Teddy Bear Cupcakes are really easy to make and the full step by step picture tutorial is below! All the special tools you can get from my online shop at bargain prices too! 🙂 12 x Vanilla Cupcakes 1 Tub Frosting / Buttercream …

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  • Christmas Tree Surprise Cupcakes

    Christmas Tree Surprise Cupcakes


    So, some of you may have seen my first ever post (nearly two years ago), when I made Christmas Tree Cupcakes using sugar covered waffle cones on top of Candy Canes! Well, the cones are back and this time they have a hidden treat inside …

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  • Chocolate Explosion Cupcakes

    Chocolate Explosion Cupcakes


    I decided to name these “Chocolate Explosion Cupcakes” because of the the way the Chocolate Sponge travels through the cake from top to bottom like lava in a volcano! From the top, they look like normal vanilla cupcakes, but as soon as you bite into …

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  • Peppa Pig Cake

    Peppa Pig Cake


    So this weekend I was lucky enough to make this Peppa Pig Cake (and Cupcakes and Cookies) for 2 Year Old Naomi! I had a lot of fun do it all so I thought I would share the picture with you and a few tips …

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  • Blueberry Lemon Drizzle Cake

    Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle Cakes


    This fresh and fruity Blueberry Loaf Recipe is so tasty and light! A sweet sponge is topped with crunchy Lemon Glaze for a great texture. 100g Butter or Margarine 100g Caster Sugar 2 Medium Eggs 1 Tsp Vanilla Essence 100g Self Raising Flour 100g Fresh …

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