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  • YuleLogCupcakes

    Baileys Yule Log Cakes


    I posted a picture of these delicious Baileys Yule Log Cakes on my Facebook Page last night and apparently quite a few of you wanted to the recipe! 🙂 I’ve typed it up below for you, along with step by step pictures. I can’t begin …

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  • Gingerbread Tray Bake

    Gingerbread Tray Bake


    Anyone who follows my page on Facebook probably knows I’m just a little excited about Christmas! I’m going to try and do as many recipes as I can for you over the next few weeks, focussing on gifts you can bake and give as treats …

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  • IMG 0438

    Chocolate Caramel Cake – Dairy and Gluten Free


    I got to make this delicious Chocolate and Caramel Cake for a friend who is both dairy and Gluten Intolerant! It’s really easy to stick to plain flavours and be safe when baking free-from cakes, but I thought I’d do an indulgent chocolate and caramel …

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  • Pretzel Twix

    Cinnamon Pretzel Twixes


    When life hands you a Twix bar, wrap it in pretzel dough and then roll it in Cinnamon – that’s my motto anyway! These are crazy good. From the soft pretzel dough covered in delicious cinnamon sugar, to the gooey and crunchy Twix centre if …

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  • Black Forest Puddings

    Black Forest Puddings


      These cute little Black Forest Puddings are perfect to bring out at dinner parties or as an alternative to cupcakes. 50g Cocoa Powder 120ml Boiling Water 100g Caster Sugar 3 Eggs 150ml Olive Oil 100g Icing Sugar Cherry Flavouring 150g Self Raising Flour Pudding Mould (£3.99 …

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  • Mini Salted Caramel Donuts

    Mini Salted Caramel Donuts


    For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you will know I love making donuts in any size! When the Salted Caramel Flavoured Icing Sugar arrived in my shop this week, I knew I had to try it out. These flavoured Icing …

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  • Caramel Apple Donut Cake

    Caramel Apple Giant Donut Cake


    I love the combination of Caramel and Apple flavours, especially as we near Autumn! This cake can also be made as a regular layer cake, but I love to use my Giant Donut Mould at any opportunity as it just gives it a bit of …

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  • IMG 9562

    Mini Oreo Loaves


      I decided Mini Oreo Loaves should totally be a thing. I simply adore these Mini Loaf Cases from my online Shop and needed to find an excuse to use them, so Mini Oreo Loaves were born! One other thing you should know about this …

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  • Dairy Free Gluten Free Cakes

    Gluten & Dairy Free Raspberry Swirl Cakes


    If you follow my Facebook Page and Blog regularly, you may already know I have started following a completely Dairy Free Diet. I’ve been amazed at how many of you also suffer from Food allergies, so I’m starting to create as many “free-from” recipes as …

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  • Mini Baked Donuts

    Mini Baked Donut Cakes


    I knew I had to use the Mini Donut Mould from the shop as soon as it came in! These Mini Baked Donut Cakes covered in Cinnamon Sugar taste amazing and are so cute. Mini Donut Mould – £4.99 from Iced Jems Shop 390g Plain …

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